The successor to the highly regarded Superwedge, the Superwedge HP (High Pressure) provides more launch energy to achieve higher launch speeds and/or to handle heavier aircraft.  It is built on the same chassis as the earlier model Superwedge, and it provides the same mobility, stability, minimal footprint, ruggedness and simplicity of operation as the earlier model.  The Superwedge HP features an elegant means of first accelerating and then decelerating the launch carriage, providing for smooth and powerful launch runs.

Incorporating improvements as they are continuously developed, Hood Tech Corp-Mechanical, Inc. builds on its already strong product set to avoid design stagnation.  The characteristics of the Superwedge HP are shown in the following table:

Superwedge HP Specifications
Launch Energy, kJ 23
Max speed, m/s 32
Max launch pressure, psig (bar) 124 (8.4)
Overall dimensions, feet L x W x H deployed (m) 16 x 3 x 12 (4.9 x 0.9 x 3.7)
Overall dimensions, feet L x W x H packed-out (m) 17 x 3 x 6 (5.2 x 0.9 x 1.8)
Compressor type Onboard, electric, 3.88 CFM @ 8 bar, 16.6A @120 Volts, 8.3A @ 230 Volts
Typical fill time (varies somewhat, depending on aircraft mass, headwind, etc.) Approx. 6 minutes
Endures salt spray and other harsh environments Yes
Engine cooling system 9 A, 120VAC, high velocity blower with auto-retract

We anticipate that further changes will be developed and incorporated as new technologies are identified and/or customer demands and needs change.